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Daily Archives: February 1, 2012

Colorado River Cutthroat

Colorado River Cutthroat Closeup

Colorado River Cutthroat in southern Utah?  What?  The Colorado River Cutthroat historically occupied most cool water habitats of the Colorado River watersheds in Colorado, southern Wyoming, eastern Utah, extreme northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona. Currently, however, Colorado River Cutthroat trout occupy approximately 16 percent of its historic range, primarily in isolated, small head-water streams.

The streams and lakes of southern Utah are now home to reintroduced CRC and they are doing well.  Fremont River Guides notoriously stereotype them as hefty and they fight more like a brook trout rather than other less aggressive cutthroat.  Unquestionably the most colorful trout in the country, during the spawn you might think they were bleeding profusely due to their lower half being completely red.

If you wish to check this one off your bucket list, fly fishing Utah’s Boulder Mountains is a great option.  Our guides often land good numbers of CRC in the 2-4 pound range with fish even bigger each season.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and call us for an incredible guided trip for beautiful Colorado River Cutthroat.


Tiger Trout Prowl

Boulder Mountain Utah Tiger Trout

Tiger trout in southern Utah are always on the prowl.  Though many anglers have not heard of this sterile, intergeneric hybrid of the brown and brook trout, states across the country have utilized these beautiful fish to enhance fisheries and catch rates for decades.

Notorious as being highly piscivorous (fish-eating), Tiger Trout are a good control against rough fish populations. This makes tigers popular with many fish stocking programs, such as with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.  Their own population numbers can be tightly controlled as well, since they are sterile.  Most tigers found in the western states are solely artificially produced, but some wild fish manage to show up in other states such as Wisconsin.

Fremont River Guides often chase Tiger Trout on Utah’s Boulder Mountain as well as Fishlake.  Large fish are taken each season over 20 inches and in good numbers.  These vast lakes and streams make it difficult for the average visiting angler to find the larger tigers, and a guide is the best bet if you have limited time and want to increase your chances of success.  Expect to venture out for a full day as these lakes and streams are somewhat remote and require a 4×4 vehicle, atv’s or some hiking.