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Fly Fishing

Experienced Guides – Over 25 years in the business!

Southern Utah is emerging from the unknown and inspiring fly-fishers.  Discover majestic scenery, wild trout and little pressure from anglers.  Many continue their search for unknown quality fishing across the globe,  while others are enjoying large wild trout, prolific hatches and solitude here in our waters.

The Fremont River, Fishlake, Panguitch Lake and the high elevation lakes of the Boulder Mountains have been stirring interest for years among well traveled fly fishers.  However, the area remains mostly unknown and seemingly off the proverbial fly fishing map.  Having traveled extensively, Fremont River Guides are dedicated to these local waters and can confidently recommend them with a knowledge of how they stack up against other famous fisheries.

If you are searching opportunities for fly fishing southern Utah, don’t let your visit here pass you by without remembering to bring your fly rod. The waters will impress and the wild trout will leave you wanting more. And our guide service will make sure your time is well spent taking advantage of your precious leisure time.

Private Waters

Fremont River Guides holds exclusive access to over 10 miles of private water in southern Utah on the Fremont as well as other neighboring streams and spring creeks. Guided trips and rod fees allow for access to these scenic waters where you will find large wild trout!

  • Wild Trout
  • Stream Waters & Spring-Fed Lakes
  • Hosted 2006 Fly Fishing Masters TV

The Local Waters

Fly-Fishing the national parks?

Buy the book – 25 BEST NATIONAL PARKS TO FLY FISH!  25 Best National Parks To Fly Fish

Owner/guide Shawn Saunders wrote 2 chapters – Capitol Reef NP & Bryce Canyon NP!
We guide all the local waters near these national parks;
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Zion National Park

Some of the local waters we frequent include; Fremont River drainage, Boulder Mountains/Aquarius Plateau, 1000 Lakes Mountain, Fishlake region, Otter Creek drainage, Clear Creek drainage, Sevier River drainage, Markagunt Plateau, Panguitch Lake region & Duck Creek area, Brian Head.

  • The following towns give us a great starting point for most of our southern Utah adventures; Torrey, Hatch, East Zion, Panguitch, Escalante, Boulder, Duck Creek Village, Brian Head, Bryce Canyon City, Cedar City, Beaver.

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