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Fremont River Guides

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Waters & Trout


The Fremont River in southern Utah is home to some of the finest fly fishing opportunities found anywhere in the world. With over 10 miles of exclusive private stream waters and two spring-fed lakes, the adventurous angler can get away from the crowds.

A unique mix of spring creek and high mountain freestone stream waters come together to form this incredible fishery. A consistent slow drop in elevation affords our guests varied water types in every section. Deep pools, shallow riffles, pocket water, meandering meadows with undercuts, side channels and islands as well as slick runs. Most of these waters are waist deep or less and water temperatures allow for perfect wet wading.

Our quality spring-fed lakes produce monstrous rainbows in gin-clear water. Healthy hatches of Dragonflies, Damselflies, Callibaetis and scuds support hard fighting fish. With good flows in and out of the lakes, you will not find mid summer algae blooms…just quality fishing throughout the season and perfect conditions for float tubing. One lake is large enough for a dozen float tubes to find plenty of their own space. Shallow waters attract large cruisers and aggressive top water takes with damsel dries. Rainbows are commonly caught in the 16-22 inch range with some over 10 pounds.


Trout are big and wild and so are the views. Browns are most common with a good number of rainbows. Occasional cutthroat or brook trout can be found as well in certain stretches. We do not stock our private waters and enjoy healthy populations of self-sustaining trout.

Experienced anglers during prime season and mild weather can expect to bring 20-60 fish to net after a full day on the river. Due to our efforts to minimize angling pressure throughout the properties, trout are not as leader shy as many other private waters. And they are not too picky either.

For instance, during a Baetis hatch in the spring, a size 14 Parachute Adams could be fished with 5x-6x tippet. Of course, there are more experienced fish on the ranch, but most are not too picky. But they are spooky…so stealth is a must and so are soft presentations.

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