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Fremont River Guides

Fly Fishing, Jeep Tours & Hunting Southern Utah!


Vern Ratzlaff

Vern bio

Vern says there is nothing like being “in tune” with nature on a beautiful trout stream or working his

Vizsla dog for bird hunting.

As a flyfishing guide, his most rewarding activity is to see a client learn to flyfish and catch Trout in the

beautiful fly waters of Southern Utah where he has spent much of his time over the last 30 years. Vern’s

famous saying is: “Once you learn how to flyfish, you will never go back to fishing any other way.”

Being a Colorado native he has spent many enjoyable days fishing much of Colorado, but, especially the

San Luis Valley and Rio Grande River tributaries. In addition to Colorado, he has flyfished and hunted on

3 Continents and five countries, including most of the Western States.

During the fall months you will often find him guiding for Migratory Waterfowl or Upland Game Birds,

with a well-trained Vizsla dog named “Raven”.

Vern has had a successful business career, but now enjoys his passion for the outdoors and

Auctioneering. He is an accomplished Auctioneer specializing in Charity auctions…he particularly enjoys

auctioning for the sports groups.

Wes Torgrimson – Guide


Wes is so busy as a full-time seminary teacher in the off-season that he has not found time to edit a new bio. But rest assured, if he’s on this guide profile page his skills as a guide are stellar. He cut his teeth fly fishing in Idaho, but has found southern Utah’s majestic scenery and few anglers to be home. Just as crafty as he built his house recently are his fishing instincts and you’ll likely find yourself requesting him year-in-and-year-out.

Vince Schiro – Guide


Vince Schiro born in Provo, Utah about the time cavemen left the area is an avid angler and well traveled.  He has guided trips for over 40 years from the Madison River to the Fremont in southern Utah. His love of building custom rifles and guiding Desert Bighorn Sheep have been his passion and Vince can tell some doozy stories around a campfire.

He loves to teach and is patient with those who can be patient with him.  You will find him in the backcountry when he’s not home tying flies or getting ready for guide trips. Life is pretty simple these days and other than working as a fly fishing guide, nothing else really matters!

Casey Seber – Guide


I grew up in northern Utah about 30 minutes from the Idaho border.  Every other weekend for as long as I can remember my dad took me fishing and drug me all over the place from Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. At least until hunting season started, then fishing fishing was always the biggest priority for us!  I had my own fly rod at six years old when I also got a round tube for Christmas.  I grew up fishing lakes and as I got older I struck a major interest in fly fishing moving water. Dad wasn’t interested, so I had to teach myself.  For the longest time I struggled trying to catch fish on the local rivers. Then one day it clicked and all came together. As I got older the tables turned and now it is me teaching my dad.  At least that is what he thinks now, though I still learn a lot more from him.  I met my wife in Provo on a blind date while going to college and now the rest is history.  Our family with two kids (one boy one girl) are our world now and fishing comes in second!  I cannot wait to teach you everything my dad has taught to me.

Mike Petree – Guide

Mike Petree

Mike Petree, originally from Kansas, moved to Utah in 1999. He was raised fishing for bass and catfish but became a trout enthusiast as soon as he set foot in a cold mountain stream.  Mike prefers small brushy creeks and streams and is willing to fight willows and lose plenty of flies to get access to rarely fished places. Mike is a printmaker and silversmith…and naturally much of is artwork is inspired by trout with a particular fascination with the orange spots on brown trout.

Derek Perow – Guide

Derek Perow

Derek is an avid angler, with a true love for the outdoors and it’s serenity. He cut his teeth  fly-fishing the famed blue ribbon trout streams of central Pennsylvania next to legends such as George Harvey. He has fished, hiked and explored much of the country until his travels brought him to beautiful southern Utah where he now resides. A self described renaissance man, he is constantly learning and perfecting his craft. Derek possesses a vast knowledge of not only Utah’s waterways, but canyons and high country. He invites you to join him on a fishing adventure so that he can share his passion for the area and land some lunker trout!

Jesse McMullin – Guide

Jesse McMullin

Jesse McMullin’s license plate frame on his Subaru claims that he is “A Trout, Trapped in a Man’s Body”!  He has actually spent time in scuba gear on the bottom of the Provo River pretending to feed like a trout to see exactly how to tweak his fly patterns.  His obsession with designing realistic nymph patterns began while he was in art school at the University of Utah in the late 90’s.  Then in 2010 he and his wife Tracy moved to Beaver Utah where he resumed guiding on the zillions of trout streams in central Utah.  Jesse appreciates the challenge of helping each client get the most out of their adventure.  That may mean learning new casting skills, understanding why a thoughtful, stealthy approach pays off, or being accompanied to incredible scenery near Utah’s National Parks.  Jesse has guided hundreds of people over the last 20 years and loves opening people’s eyes to the many pleasures of fly-fishing.

Justin Swensen – Guide

Justin Swensen

Thanks to his grandfather and some incredible mentors, Justin acquired a love for the outdoors and a passion for fishing at a very young age. Growing up primarily in Utah, the Wasatch and High Uintah mountains provided a perfect place for him to hone both his fishing and backcountry wilderness skills.  Justin has spent the majority of his adult life in Southern Utah where he has fished and explored as many of the mountains, streams, and lakes as he possibly could. He has nearly 15 years’ experience guiding everything from technical canyoneering, climbing waterfall ice, mountain biking, backpacking trips, to fishing. Justin’s wife and two young children share his love for the outdoors and he takes them into the backcountry fishing as much as possible; his ten-year-old boy is already quite the fly fisherman.

Justin is an avid photographer; it is rare to see him without his camera slung over his shoulder or in his hand. Whether he is learning to tie a new fly at the shop or out on the water don’t be surprised if he captures a few digital memories to share with you later on.