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Jeep Tours of Capitol Reef National Park

Call it what you want and make it what you want! Jeep Tour, 4×4 Tour, Sightseeing Tour or Photography Tour. Our guides are flexible and ready to make your vehicle tour whatever you want it to be. So, if you want to explore the backcountry without a lot of the rough-riding or inch your way through some steep canyons, we can do it all!

Capitol Reef NP encompasses 241,904 acres.

Capitol Reef National Park – Cathedral Valley

Experience the majesty of Capitol Reef National Park by JEEP or 4×4 vehicle as well as many other excursions outside the park boundaries. The most notable icon in the park is Cathedral Valley which demands a full-day to see everything it has to offer. Exquisite views of sculptured monoliths with intriguing names such as the Walls of Jericho and the Temples of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. These formations rise quickly from their surface hundreds of feet into the sky.

The monoliths are composed of the earthy, buff-pink Entrada Sandstone somewhat similar to those seen a few hours south in Arizona’s Monument Valley. The South Desert is a long, narrow valley that runs parallel to the strike of the Waterpocket Fold monocline. The valley extends 20 miles (32.2 km) from the Upper South Desert Overlook southeast to Hwy 24. From Lower South Desert Overlook (located midway through the valley) viewers can see rock layers ranging from the gray, ledgy Morrison atop the cliffs to the east to the white Navajo Sandstone slickrock and domes high on top of the Fold.

1-4 People 5-7 People Add’l Riders
Upper/Lower Cathedrals (4 Hours) $400 $525 call
Full-Day Cathedral Valley Complete (6 Hours) $550 $700 call

The Waterpocket Fold

The Waterpocket Fold is an equally impressive tour, but can be experienced somewhat more easily in a half-day vs a full-day. A nearly 100-mile long warp in the Earth’s crust, the Waterpocket Fold is a classic monocline: a regional fold with one very steep side in an area of otherwise nearly horizontal layers. A monocline is a “step-up” in the rock layers. The rock layers on the west side of the Waterpocket Fold have been lifted more than 7,000 feet (2,134 m) higher than the layers on the east. Major folds are almost always associated with underlying faults.

“Waterpockets” are basins that form in many of the sandstone layers as they are eroded by water. These basins are common throughout the fold, thus giving it the name “Waterpocket Fold”.

1-4 People 5-7 People Add’l Riders
Half-Day Tour (4 Hours) $400 $525 call
Full-Day Tours (6 Hours) $550 $700 call

Henry Mountains – Buffalo Viewing Tour

The Henry Mountains bordering Capitol Reef National Park was the last mountain range to be mapped in the lower 48 states and is home to the most important genetically pure strain of the original American Bison! If you’re wanting a remote backcountry tour like none other, this un-comparable experience will leave you with a trip you won’t soon forget.

These awesome animals are completely free roaming and have been since the 1940’s when they were transplanted here from Yellowstone National Park. Your guide will take you to elevations of more than 10,000 feet to view Capitol Reef National Park from another perspective. Look back at the Waterpocket Fold and the Boulder Mountains from high atop the most remote range in the entire country.

This tour is a complete full-day of at least 7 hours, but depending on your group desires, could last as long as 10! Guides will breakup the trip with a picnic lunch or BBQ at one of their favorite stops along the way. Bring your hiking shoes if you want to summit one of the various peaks and don’t forget sunglasses, a light jacket and your best digital camera.

 Full-Day Tours (5 Hours) 1-4 People 5-7 People Add’l Riders
$650 $800 call

The Burr Trail

Our guides will take you into some of Utah’s most beautiful and extraordinary country. Views of the Henry Mountains, the colorfully contorted Waterpocket Fold, red Circle Cliffs, and Long Canyon all await the traveler as we drive this incredible backcountry road. Numerous hikes and side trips are options for you and your guide.

John Burr was born in 1846, lived in Salt Lake City with his family, then later moved south and established the town of Burrville, Utah, in 1876. John soon developed a trail to move cattle back and forth between winter and summer ranges and to market. This cattle trail through the rough, nearly impassable country around the Waterpocket Fold, Burr Canyon, and Muley Twist Canyon came to be known as the Burr Trail.

Today, the Burr Trail also connects Bullfrog and Boulder, Utah, and which passes through the painted rock country of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Capitol Reef National Park, and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Did you know that Capitol Reef National Park is larger in size than both Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks combined? And most of the park can only be seen by venturing off the tarmac. Don’t miss this opportunity during your visit and call us to complete your reservation soon.

1-4 People 5-7 People Add’l Riders
Half-Day Tours (4 Hours) $400 $525 call
Full-Day Tours (6 Hours) $550 $700 call